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Camper Van Highlights

Covert, Comfortable, Carbon-Neutral


Our cabin features a full bed (48”x72”) with memory foam mattresses, fresh sheets, warm comforter, and large, firm pillows. A set of window covers and front curtain provide complete privacy and light blocking, ensuring you will be pampered to a great night sleep!

There is ample storage under the bed and it folds in seconds to open 2 passenger seats. You can enter the bed, sit and get dressed without having to exit the car – great for the occasional drizzle or for stealth camping.


Our camper vans come fully equipped for your adventure, all included in the price. Each camper van rental comes loaded with a full set of fresh linens, shade canopy, folding chairs, table, icebox (cooler), camp shower, towels, and a full set of kitchen items, including:

  • propane stove 
  • pot & frying pan
  • cutting board 
  • cutlery, cups, plates 
  • can opener and bottle opener
  • storage boxes


150 free miles per day (that’s 50% more than industry standard) and competitively priced unlimited miles packages allow you to complete comprehensive itineraries at no extra cost. For example, the two-week classic California loop shown here can be covered within our free miles allowance. 


Pick up and drop off for our camper van rentals is available 24/7 from our dispatch locations, conveniently located minutes from the international airports of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, and Anchorage, New York & Boston


Our Camper Vans have no external fixtures or markings – no logo or artwork to indicate “a tourist sleeps here”. The cars are clean, new and perfect for stealth camping.

We are proud members of STI - Sustainable Travel International – and we buy carbon offsets for every mile driven in our cars.

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Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego

Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, New York, Boston

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AIYRE Pacific Camper Vans, Car Rental, Los Angeles, CA
AIYRE Pacific Camper Vans, Car Rental, Los Angeles, CA

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